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Wouldn't it be nice to get paid for sharing the same investment ideas you enjoy talking about with your friends? We are seeking thoughtful personal investors (all professional backgrounds, not just the finance crowd) to join us and write about their investment process. We can offer a meaningful second income opportunity in exchange for just a few hours each week of writing on your own schedule. Come show the world that you can compete with the "pros"!

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Do you find yourself seeking intelligent, actionable investment ideas laid out in simple language? Netvest is working hard to connect you to some of the finest personal investors across the country so you can tag along with their investment strategies. You will get to witness live trades, instant market reactions and choose which ideas work best for you. Just signup above and we'll send you periodic updates on our investor profiles and launch status.


Our concept: Investing Deconstructed

A few people today think robots should do their investing for them, but we're using technology to head in the exact opposite direction. There are lots of experienced, talented personal investors out there who enjoy sharing their investment ideas. Why not benefit from their instincts?

In a market flooded with data, having an experienced guide can help us cut through the noise and focus our attention on a more digestible subset of investment opportunities. Our job at Netvest is to connect you with the right mix of talent and highlight those opportunities in a simple, actionable manner.

Through our upcoming mobile app, we plan to deliver an unfiltered look at the thought process of our investors, including real-time decision making and investment rationales. Plus, we will verify that the investors we publish actually own the stocks they highlight, so you don't have to question their commitment to an idea. That just leaves you to pick and choose your favorite ideas for your own portfolio. It's simple, transparent, and instructive.


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